Costume Tips and Ideas

 Many adults have art and craft skills to make their own Halloween or special events costume. Hand or machine stitching, glue, and paste are the basic fasteners. Creativity and imagination are the magic ingredients.

Simple Adult costumes for Halloween celebrations and other costume events need not be expensive to make.

Tap your talents and skills to imagine and make the costume of your choosing.

The most time-consuming step of costume preparation is deciding what to wear. Once decided, completing the rest of the design is easy and fast.

Are you confused or undecided? I recommend looking at books, magazines, and other alternative sources of visual aids to spark your creativity and imagination. Do not copy every detail.

Look into closets and bureau draws to select clothing and props.

Decide to wear a mask, special makeup, or Halloween facial paints. Your choice depends on cost, comfort, length of time, storage, and cleaning.

Head wrappings may comprise a wig, hair extenders, scarf, hat, and temporary hair tints.

Head wraps and footwear need to feel comfortable, weather appropriate, and in keeping with the costume theme.

We can find most miscellaneous accessories in the home. Create with cardboard, toilet paper rolls, paper, foam cups and plates, and plastic bags.

Traditional ideas:


Animals - rabbits and dinosaurs

Cartoon characters









Simple inanimate objects - a cardboard box, a robot

Sport figures

Television and movie characters


Work related uniforms - nurses, doctors, police officer, and executive with a brief case



These traditional costumes continue to be favored, with each generation updating their attire.


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